October 17, 2021

What Makes for a Successful ICO?

By st455hur1n5

The White Paper
First, it’s essential to thoroughly read and analyze the white paper of a prospective investment. This is a document that outlines the aims and strategies of that project in detail. Some projects might have stratospheric ideas but lack a practical approach for achieving those goals. Others may lack crucial details that leave you wondering whether the project is truly feasible.

A good white paper is not a guarantee of success, but an incomplete, hastily written, or otherwise problematic one can be a sign of trouble to come. Glaring issues with spelling, formatting, or grammar can also be red flags. Conversely, if you’re preparing a white paper for your own ICO, expect investors to pore over every detail.

A white paper should include a basic roadmap that lays out a set of concrete goals, with a clear and reasonable timeline for achieving them. There should also be a succinct vision statement; companies without one may not have sufficient focus to achieve real success.

Next, take time to research the people leading the project, as well as any partners or advisors. This is one of the most important factors in launching a new startup. Experienced founders are more likely to avoid the pitfalls facing a new business, and reputable partners can be a sign of market validation.

While most companies prominently list their team and partners, it’s important to verify their claims from other sources. Some projects have been known to exaggerate the qualifications of their team, or even fabricate nonexistent partnerships.